Thursday, December 2, 2010

Giving Thanks...........

Last Week Thursday was a day for ThanksGiving in our country.............

A day where as family and friends we give thanks for the gift of each other and the food and shelter we enjoy............usually involving a big Turkey Feast!

For me I was also given to recall the special friendships I made on my journey of the last two months and to this special gift that was given to me in ceremony my last day in New Zealand.

It is a Greenstone, or Pounamu in Maori.......

When given as a gift it is particularly Sacred and Meaningful.

This stone was given to me by Annette........

Who had it with her for 25 years and was called that day to pass it on to me............

I remain honored and touched by the significance and Spirit of how it came to be held by me............

This gift was accompanied by a reading from a book by Barry is one portion of what he wrote about this stone.

  When Pounamu calls to you it brings the power of the healing way.  Yet, there is more, for this stone gathers to itself the most ancient of wisdom.  It joins as one the seer and the sage.
  Pounamu speaks to you of your journey.  It reminds you we are all of the stone.  See it as a true companion.  Learn to listen to its song.  Understand it is of the Before and Beyond, the Above and Below, and the most ancient realms of space and time.  Trust its power and it will honour yours.
  The Spirit of Pounamu is healing and reconciliation.  If you have chosen to acknowledge this stone in your life, you are moving into perfect alignment with the long trail of your ancestors.  It is a time of reconnection, of discovering the wonder of the heart and mind joined.
  The gift of Pounamu is love, the love that helps us see deeper into ourselves, the mirror placed to reflect back the essence of our being, and hear the sacred song within.  Pounamu is the touchstone of the truth that heals, our inner Wisdom.
Bring all to One
Bring mind, heart and stone together
To know healing
Bring mind, heart and stone together
To find learning
Bring mind, heart and stone together
To complete the journey

Bring all to One

In light of the last leg of my Spiritual journey.........the connection to stone.............this gift is more than meaningful to me.

"Love is the Creation of all Things, even the Stones"...........a message relayed to me by gifted healer Jan Inger.

Thank you Annette..........I wear this deeply 'In Joy' and the memory of our time spent together

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