Monday, March 3, 2014

What a difference a year makes……or

My Happy Life

Last year, about this time I was worlds away from where I am today…

to put it mildly I was in Angst…..

hitting wall after wall….

wondering what I could to to "move forward" 

I knew what direction I wanted to head in, even where I wanted to BE,

but nothing seemed to be falling into place

(at least at the pace I desired)….

and then I got a little advice from a dear friend (and Karen Kingston...)

I did a little clutter clearing  



My situation seemed to change at warp speed.

So in the past year….

I found and renovated a studio space….

happily resolved many stages of a long complicated legal grapple

moved from my sweet holding tank in the middle of nowhere New Mexico

found and was able to purchase a new home

packed up and moved the rest of my 'stuff' from Michigan to New Mexico

studied advanced levels of Healing Touch

and more...... 

traveled to some Amazing Places

kept my hands busy

(not in that order)


once again

I am

neck deep

in a another

whole house renovation. 

my my.

Thank Goodness

It's always something