Monday, April 22, 2013

What happened......

If you recall from here.....

which was almost two months ago...

I had been in quite a funk.

Not knowing quite where to BE.

More than a year and a half ago I made the leap to change my 'place'

and moved from a town in southeast Michigan


the middle of nowhere New Mexico.

And boy was I blessed to be deposited in a tiny town and a tiny house,

 that held me in quiet, peace and friendship

And you would think that would make me 'happy'....

but as time went on.....

I was drawn more and more to Albuquerque, an hour and a half from my little place

where I found a more expansive environment to create and commune.

And although the scenic drive between here and there is stunning, 

the packing up week after week wore on me.

I felt like I was being pulled up by my roots every time I had to begin my drive again.....

So I began to look for a place to BE in the city.


With all of my searching.....I could not find one

and was entirely STUCK

So what did I do to move the energy?

I began to clear clutter.

Mainly the clutter that came part and parcel with my densely furnished casita.....

This is a longer story and I wish I had posted on it,  however the energy began to move so fast I could not keep up with it!

Within days of clearing clutter at home.....

I moped into my 'new' space at the metals studio.....

which changed from 




and I learned just then that the studio across the hall

which was


was waiting for a new tenant.....

and now 

it is


My new space.

I've been busy.

For the very very very best advice on how and why to clear clutter

follow the work of Karen Kingston

who has revised her great little book

(of course this is always a work in progress...)

Monday, April 15, 2013

An excursion........

While I could have been packing up the last bit of flotsam to move my 'place'......

I decided to travel with dear ones
for a change 
of pace...

This past weekend brought me to the far eastern plains of New Mexico and the cities of 

for an amazing conference of a very few esteemed historians and place keepers
who put together a wonderful selection of thoughtful essays on the daunting task 
of  preserving

as I sat
and absorbed
this conference,
 the land,
it's historic significance, 
blatant social, political, ecologic and funding concerns...

my head was spinning slowly...

As my fellows were impassioned with saving valuable historic sites.... 

I remained

 enchanted with 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More wonder.......

and another Monday drive.......

 I will miss seeing...


changes are happening at warp speed

not entirely moving on

just shifting place

all good.

will fill you in