Tuesday, December 30, 2014


As I contemplate this year's end 

one word enters my mind


In years past I recall the word Clarity ringing loud and consistant.

I was assured by a wise one that when the next year rolled in, 

I could use that word again if it seemed right, and it did.  

So for two years straight I worked on 'Clarity'.

Mainly I worked on achieving Clarity of Thought and Purpose and got that out of my system.

So with Clarity no longer begging to be heard……..

Completion takes her place.

I am really ready to be done with some projects I need to complete to move forward. 

and these are:

Renovating my house and studio (so I can get to my work, whatever form that takes)

Finishing my requirements for Healing Touch advancement (so I can get that goal off my mind)

And several projects

 that I've thought of or started and not


(such as filing and purging mounds of paper, and clearing clutter)

And as  I ponder all that feels a burden right now, 

I'm determined to move into this phase of completion with a

 Happy Heart.

Because this is supposed to be FUN!

So yes……

Hear Hear for a New Year abundant with Completion.

So I can start the next year 

with a new



to all of you for a Happy, Healthy, Abundant 

New Year