Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On the path to another workspace...

Since last fall I've been working on my back yard restoration. Which I might add was precipitated by my neighbor's untimely (or timely) pruning of his magnificent Wisteria.  The removal of his rickety arbor before the pruning of the Wisteria caused it to collapse on my even more rickety fence, which prompted me to consider a sturdy wall, and subsequently a new patio and of course landscaping.


 before I could complete the work on my planned studio I needed to complete the construction of my back yard walls, patio and landscaping.

You see, the only access to my back yard was through the back door of my garage/studio.

this door…..at the back of this space…..leads to the back yard

It would have been nice to show you the finished yard, but in the flow of 'getting things done'
the contents of this space
have since been moved to the back yard and squeezed into my living room and kitchen

during which I lost my spectacles in this chaos

forcing me to wear these

which I bought in an Annie Hall moment last year

all in preparation

for finishing out this space.

For the record, since I moved in, I had the original door to the back yard replaced with this glass one,
a garage heater installed, and electrical outlets installed along the left wall. I also had the fan, that was formerly in the living room re-installed in this space. Lighting looks to be the next issue I address


the floor is scheduled to be refurbished by the end of the week. 

It occurs to me I have tons of before and after photos……
and wish I'd shared more along the way but that didn't happen.
Hopefully I'll recap some of the work when I finally get internet installed in this place.

As far as studios go. Gosh, isn't that a long story.
It certainly has been a struggle for me over the years to find a place to settle. 
Someday I'll share some of my spaces. 
This one isn't perfect for sure, but I intend to settle and organize it once and for all.

The interesting thing is that finding a space to create freely and easily was the reason I even bought this place.

And as usual, it's the last room to be addressed. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

There is reward for hard work…….


It's Spring!

(look closely for the Hummingbird Hawk-Moth!)

This yard is near the nature center, the river and on a migratory route.

In the past few weeks I've been treated to the bellowing of Sandhill Cranes crowding the sky, a Hawk with Prey and a lively Roadrunner all viewed from my tiny space…
Still rubbing my eyes at the sightings.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sound healing….

              I'm addicted.


I promise.
This will be the last post on scat jazz and girls and Sheila Jordan. 

(or not)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I can't help myself…...

another dose of joy.

An interview I found with Sheila Jordan. 

I'm smitten.

Monday, March 9, 2015

All that jazz….

Last Thursday I had the great privilege to be in the audience as jazz legend Sheila Jordan performed her magic….

I had never heard of this grand woman, and must confess I'm a bit of a novice in the 'Jazz' department.

In Albuquerque, we are so lucky to have an amazing venue for such artists at The OutPost,
a 'not for profit' establishment that promotes jazz of all flavors.

I have been there many times in the last few years, but this performance blew me away, both with the artistry of the performer, her humor, and pipes at the ripe age of 86.

To say she is an inspiration is an understatement…….at the end of her longer than scheduled performance,
she dropped down
touched her toes.

Please enjoy this performance from a few years back.  It's a little long, but so worth the listen.


From one Detroiter to another….
makes me proud
(and a little homesick)

A biography called Jazz Child: A Portrait of Sheila Jordan
was just published last year to some acclaim.

Sheila said she hoped it was an inspiration to young artists of all mediums, and followed that sentiment with a powerful performance of 'The Crossing'.

This is a short video with the author of her biography, Ellen Johnson
(with clips of Sheila performing...)

Perhaps worth a read as I hope to have a fraction of her energy, dedication and passion when I'm 86.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Albuquerque to Tucson via Scottsdale, AZ...

a few highlights of a whirlwind trip….

curious land form while zooming along I-60 in Arizona

 Paolo Soleri designed bridge, Scottsdale, AZ

Teddy Bear Cholla & mossy rock,

Pinnacle Peak , Scottsdale, AZ

 Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ

The garden of the historic Arizona Inn in Tucson, AZ

And sunset in Saguaro National Park in Tucson

These photos touch only some of the amazing sights and things we experienced on this road trip.

As usual it will take me as much time or more to recover and assimilate this journey…

as it did to take it.

 I remain ever grateful to have missed the big snowstorm in Albuquerque last weekend…

Monday, February 16, 2015

road trip….

While I'm in the company of the 'newly retired' it seems our new J-O-B is keeping fit.
And since the temps in Albuquerque have been warmish during the day, our daily fitness regime includes bike rides along the ditch…

and although I'm not a huge fan of Scottsdale, Arizona (sorry to offend the locals),
too much concrete, visible water waste and green in the desert…

I have a hard time saying 'no' to a road trip…

so at the end of the week we'll be heading in that direction…

intending to find what feeds our spirit…

perhaps a hike (or two), some music…good food, art, and even warmer temps will be at the other end.

Tucson, AZ and Silver City, NM are also on the loop….

It will be nice to breath a different air and shake off the dust of renovation for a bit. 

Feeling Blessed for the Opportunity.