Friday, January 20, 2017

Energy flows.....

where attention goes....

Today, as I was perusing Instagram and blogs I follow,
 I was troubled.

I was disturbed more by what I read in some few cases, than of the political events of the day.

For the last many years I have become acutely aware of the significance of acknowledging the part energy plays in our life, mostly in it's healing and manifestation properties.

These are the words that played over and over in my head, 
as I saw many focus on darkness and dread.

'Energy flows where attention goes.'

So I Googled it. 

and I found

an article on the 7 principles of Huna life which seemed to clearly explain this concept.

Huna is a Hawaiian tradition.

This article focuses on the the third principle:

"Energy Flows where attention goes"

This is the first part of the article:

3. MAKIA - Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Whatever you spend most of your conscious and unconscious time thinking of, will grow in your reality.
This works on the positive as well as on the negative side. If you focus the majority of your attention on why things are not working out the way you want them to, then your struggles will grow and become more concrete through time. If you aren't clear about your goals and direction, then the fuzziness will grow within your life.

Therefore becoming clear of what you want (and not on what you want to avoid) is essential for creating things in this world.

This entire post can be found HERE 

 I took this photo after many days of gloomy weather.

For me in that moment I was struck by the shadows and their Beauty, lines and shapes.

I found the light in contrast to the dark, to be uplifting and intriguing. 

And focused on that.

Both the darkness and the light. 

And the Beauty of all that.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Burn Baby, Burn.....

Once I returned from an enchanting 30 days in Scotland and Ireland....

I was compelled to ignite those pesky morning pages I'd accumulated over 10 years, 

from 1994 and 2004, as I wrote neatly on the spines of the journals ....

this was a more difficult task than I anticipated

creating mounds of ash

slow to burn

I ended up burning only the loose pages,

figuring burning the books would take hours.

I read some of the entries...picking up snippets of how unhappy I'd been for so many of those years,

before I tossed the rest in the recycle bin.

Feels good to let that go.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Adios...for now

Yesterday had us depart Skye


with weather clearing and still lochs....

we drove through the stunning highlands on our way to Glasgow to spend our last days in Scotland...

I've decided poking at this piece of glass is NO fun, and posting from remote locations is tedious and time consuming often producing no results...

I'm going to recap our adventures when I get home in October....

So Adieu ....


While I take advice from an old friend...



Monday, September 12, 2016


                                                                            The weather has been seriously wet on The Isle of Skye.


Not too chilly the low 60's for the high and low 50's for the low.
It has not dampened our spirits though, and with rain pants on board we have been trapesing about this magical island.
We have also been eating our way through Scotland....the smoked salmon has been the best...buttery and delicious.
Tomorrow we head for Glasgow....the land of Charles MacIntosh

Sunday, September 11, 2016

This one's for Kelly....

Real time Isle of Skye...


One small photo per day is all the speed here will allow....

We've passed this graveyard three times now going back and forth from our B & B on Skye...

The weather has turned to driving rain .... not totally unexpected

Good news ... no midges.


Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK


Standing Stones of Stenness
(with sheep...)