Friday, January 20, 2017

Energy flows.....

where attention goes....

Today, as I was perusing Instagram and blogs I follow,
 I was troubled.

I was disturbed more by what I read in some few cases, than of the political events of the day.

For the last many years I have become acutely aware of the significance of acknowledging the part energy plays in our life, mostly in it's healing and manifestation properties.

These are the words that played over and over in my head, 
as I saw many focus on darkness and dread.

'Energy flows where attention goes.'

So I Googled it. 

and I found

an article on the 7 principles of Huna life which seemed to clearly explain this concept.

Huna is a Hawaiian tradition.

This article focuses on the the third principle:

"Energy Flows where attention goes"

This is the first part of the article:

3. MAKIA - Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Whatever you spend most of your conscious and unconscious time thinking of, will grow in your reality.
This works on the positive as well as on the negative side. If you focus the majority of your attention on why things are not working out the way you want them to, then your struggles will grow and become more concrete through time. If you aren't clear about your goals and direction, then the fuzziness will grow within your life.

Therefore becoming clear of what you want (and not on what you want to avoid) is essential for creating things in this world.

This entire post can be found HERE 

 I took this photo after many days of gloomy weather.

For me in that moment I was struck by the shadows and their Beauty, lines and shapes.

I found the light in contrast to the dark, to be uplifting and intriguing. 

And focused on that.

Both the darkness and the light. 

And the Beauty of all that.


  1. Thanks for this reminder!...gotta stay on the sunny side, for sure!

    1. Well you're welcome Chip Butter! And what a relief. I thought I'd gone too far with this one. I'm so glad you got it.

  2. I really appreciate what you have said. I have felt myself almost incapacitated by recent events. Time to focus on what is helpful and constructive and creative. Thank you for a clear reinforcement of that.

    1. Thank you Stephanie. It means a lot to me that the energy shifts to a higher place. I'm glad you made that shift with me.

  3. energy flows where attention goes....I do like mantras like this one. thank you