Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Handy Wo(Man)…..

A lot has been happening here since the first of the year. 
Since my intention to put my Self first, I am pushing to turn my little house into a 
Silk Purse.  
Not that I need a silk purse for sure (or that my house is or ever was a Sow's ear)…..
but it will be nice after years of moving to settle into a soft, beautiful, organized place of my own.  
A place where I can rest, dream and create and leave (easily)…..
a place where I can be at peace and beauty and find things

Years ago I lived in a Toronto high rise where we could lock the door 
….and bound for travel with out worrying about what we were leaving behind.

I'm hoping for that feeling again.

And then to have a simple, quiet, organized place to return to.


To that end, with a bit of warm weather

and a couple of guys with a BIG truck 

to deliver my next project

which after a few days of fiddling with it 

I was able to produce a structure that will shade me from the summer sun once the canopy goes up.

Then, this stack of tile was on my doorstep the day I arrived home from Dallas….

and before I unpacked,

I turned

this kitchen backsplash area….


this sparkly vision

with the help of a few YouTube videos….

and last weekend….again with another spot of glorious weather here in Albuquerque,

I was able to get back to my studio project...

putting up ceiling hung shelving….

spy it in the 'far back'

and then on both sides will be 


I was short a bracket, and will keep working on these….


because as my Sis said in her funny way….(she had a handy man install her garage shelves)

"of course he didn't put them where I wanted"

and I am very particular where I want them.

and in the meantime,

I'm also

stitching again...

Thank God.

forgive the understandably dirty fingernail!

I just installed a new garbage disposal

thanks again to YouTube

while saving the $150 installation fee

I am beaming with self reliance…(as if you can't tell!)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Dallas, Texas….

I am in the Dallas area to visit with my dear Sis and her boys….

two young men at University and making a living here…

As I travel with my love, who happens to be an architect,

along with the joy and loving connection to family,

together we always seek out….


as experienced in this atmospheric room…an installation by Ann Veronica Jansenns 

at the Nasher Sculpture Center in the museum district of Dallas, TX

Happening upon this sculpture by Magdalena Abakanowicz

gave me great pleasure….as I'd never seen her 'Crowd' in person

even the chairs made me smile….

and I swooned over these card stock models of his sculptures by Tony Smith.

We headed over to the Dallas Museum of Art  nearby

and then to the sublime Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth

Where I found my

Happy Place...