Wednesday, December 30, 2015


As has been my practice over the last few years, I've picked a word for the coming year….

not for a 'resolution' but perhaps a theme for the year 

(if it works out, no pressure here)...

In the past I've chosen the words 

Joy, Clarity, Balance and Completion.

This year the words that came to me were 

Self Care

As I formed these words in my mind and out loud……

I wondered what that would really look like for me.  

Would it mean long baths, massage, and a more rigorous skin care routine?

Would it mean more long walks, meditation, and sky gazing?…..

Would it mean spending more time alone with my Self?

Would it mean carving out time every day for creative pursuit?…..

Would it mean slowing down?….

Would it mean checking in to make certain what I'm doing is what "I" want to be doing?

Would it mean being kinder to my Self?…

I feel as though 2015, for me, has been one of playing "catch up",

never feeling I had enough time to address serious nagging issues that needed my attention

and often feeling rushed and pressured and confused…

(and please know I continue to be deeply grateful for my amazing year)

but I want this next one to feel more grounded….

So I declare 2016 to be the year of 


Yes. Let's try that.

Happy New Year!

Our view of the Organ Mountains in southern New Mexico on Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Happiness update….

I've been mind mumbling for days pondering an 'end of the year' post…..

and this is all I've come up with.

This year I've driven across this country and back from west to east and from south to north………and visited with more friends and family than I have in years...

It seems a blur and the highlights many….

And since my last post, I've been to Michigan again to see the grand triplets who are 9 now.  


How does that happen?

And I also had my biggest birthday yet. I guess we can all say that, however navigating 
Medicare and Social Security has given me more stress than I've experienced in years.  
I don't know how the truly aged and infirm manage it.

My house is almost done….of course my studio is still waiting for it's turn…boxes to the ceiling in that room prohibit any creativity from happening there….

but there's hope for the new year.

I've burned so many fires in my fireplace that my small cache of wood is almost gone
….and that feels good….
to know I have a fire in my 'place'.

I'm really looking forward to next year, perhaps slowing down a bit, and making some stuff….

note to self: get more specific so the Universe knows what you desire. 

Wishing everyone a Happy and a Merry!

OH, and as for 'Happiness'….my incense is burning bright

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My first attempt at 'Happiness'…..

Just kidding….(sort of)

As the Ghosts of Christmas' Past always seem to find me this time of year,

I thought I'd cheer mySelf

with an attempt at making some incense I'll call 'Happiness'

I've been collecting ingredients for years...

wanting to try this...

and finally made the leap.

Now I'll wait two weeks for them to dry,

 with hopes the coven of happy cones burn evenly…


as an added surprise

 my house smells just like a candy cane! 

(not my favorite flavor, but it does smell Happy, if that can be)