Wednesday, December 30, 2015


As has been my practice over the last few years, I've picked a word for the coming year….

not for a 'resolution' but perhaps a theme for the year 

(if it works out, no pressure here)...

In the past I've chosen the words 

Joy, Clarity, Balance and Completion.

This year the words that came to me were 

Self Care

As I formed these words in my mind and out loud……

I wondered what that would really look like for me.  

Would it mean long baths, massage, and a more rigorous skin care routine?

Would it mean more long walks, meditation, and sky gazing?…..

Would it mean spending more time alone with my Self?

Would it mean carving out time every day for creative pursuit?…..

Would it mean slowing down?….

Would it mean checking in to make certain what I'm doing is what "I" want to be doing?

Would it mean being kinder to my Self?…

I feel as though 2015, for me, has been one of playing "catch up",

never feeling I had enough time to address serious nagging issues that needed my attention

and often feeling rushed and pressured and confused…

(and please know I continue to be deeply grateful for my amazing year)

but I want this next one to feel more grounded….

So I declare 2016 to be the year of 


Yes. Let's try that.

Happy New Year!

Our view of the Organ Mountains in southern New Mexico on Christmas Eve


  1. Sounds like an excellent plan. The word that is coming to me is 'abundance' and it's already manifesting itself in the abundance of ideas that have been coming to me this week. Happy New Year, me dear.

    1. Ahhhh…..Abundance! That word works for me too…….I use it often. I have learned that it sometimes comes under the category of 'be careful what you wish for'…….then 'Balance and Clarity' come back into play. Wishing us all Abundant Joy, Prosperity, and Creative Pursuits for this coming year!

    2. good point. not wishing for an abundance of cow patties, for example. (though the lemon tree might like em)

    3. Yes, it's probably good to be specific as to what sort of Abundance one desires. Cow patties would not be on my list at this time….

  2. I too love one-worders ... one is far more apt to remember them and it's interesting how flexible they can be. I'm still mulling my word for 2016 and am intrigued by yours, both past and future.

    Wishing you all the best in the new year!

    1. Thank you Liz. I can't wait to see what your word is. I think I come to my words as they are opposites to how I'm feeling. As in JOY….I was sad for most of the year. For Clarity….I had been muddled. For Balance, I had felt 'off center'….and for Completion, I had (have) been involved in situations and a project that needed resolution. Perhaps that's a clue. Whatever you pick it will be an expansive word……..and EXPANSIVE was almost my word, but first I need to take care of SELF.

  3. yes ... Self and Grounded ...may i share the ride from the other side ? love XX

  4. appeared as triplets ...spooooooooooooooky yes ?

    1. Ha! Fixed that! Things are always better in threes!