Friday, October 7, 2016

Burn Baby, Burn.....

Once I returned from an enchanting 30 days in Scotland and Ireland....

I was compelled to ignite those pesky morning pages I'd accumulated over 10 years, 

from 1994 and 2004, as I wrote neatly on the spines of the journals ....

this was a more difficult task than I anticipated

creating mounds of ash

slow to burn

I ended up burning only the loose pages,

figuring burning the books would take hours.

I read some of the entries...picking up snippets of how unhappy I'd been for so many of those years,

before I tossed the rest in the recycle bin.

Feels good to let that go.


  1. oh, yes, letting go of detritus is good!

    1. and brave--good on you for doing this work.

    2. Thank you Velma. Means a lot. I had to dig deep to let go, but after so much time of thinking about it and carrying it around with so much care, I was ready.

  2. I too am impressed with your courage.
    I have heard about those morning pages, and I think that it must feel amazing to let all the unhelpful energy go up in flames.

    In my journal, usually in the morning, I keep new ideas. Then I can go on. I also keep conversations I've had with people. Both in my life but also between book covers - I take notes on what I read.

    I think that the morning is the best time to capture your best ideas - and the jounral you keep is the best place to hold onto them so that it is possible to find them again.

    If your morning pages were full of bad energy - best to be rid of that. xo

    1. Thanks Judy. I never thought of that act as courageous. When I am active in the studio, I keep notes and thoughts in separate journals. I also journal on my work. The morning pages are pretty much brain drain and VERY boring to re-read on the whole. Letting them go was a good thing. I still write them from time to time, but now I jot those ideas worth keeping in another place. And yes, I agree the morning is the BEST time to do that..... I'm now taken with writing down every 'Idea' I get.

  3. I went hunting for the journal burning after reading Judy Martin's blog today. Yes, you have had experience. And I would not call this courageous, I would call it pragmatic. You knew what you had to do and did it. No looking back. No overthinking. Bravo.

    1. Thanks Carol. I look back only a tiny bit. Not sorry at all. I'm looking for other things to release now.

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