Friday, May 5, 2017

Still pecking away....

I am thrilled to say I've had some success in the dye bucket...

With walnuts bubbling on my stove to make ink for collage bits...

I could not help mySelf but to over dye my indigo experiments .

I was convinced I would not wear the pale blue tops I had dyed, as beautiful as they seemed, 

so a dip in an inky brown concoction of 
Walnuts, Iron and a dash of Logwood....
(praying for some kind of taupe)
seemed like a good idea.

I had fallen in love with some over dyed indigo wool yarn a few years ago and wondered how that would translate to garment dyed cotton...

The color rendition is not the best here, as the blue dyed pieces seemed paler to me, 
and the taupe pieces are actually a bit darker, richer and more complex. 
The over dye is subtly evident. 
I'm quite happy with them as I'm more of a taupe girl than a blue one. 
This Blue seemed a little too 'pretty'. 

and on another note...and another obsession

I'm doubly happy I was able to squeak in that bit of messing around as I was quite consumed with

taking down

(since my friend Mick convinced me it would be EASY) 

my STAIR RAILING that looked like a picket fence,

and repairing the skirt, then repainting it, 

since I thought I had a 'guy' who seemed to be the 'one'

 who would replace it with

something like 


Of course that didn't happen....yet

finding the right 'guy' or 'gal' who is willing to tackle this project
 is proving tricky

Now time is consumed getting ready for our next bit of travel....

California bound 

fingers crossed

By the way,  I've been quite liking Fridays HERE

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