Monday, April 15, 2013

An excursion........

While I could have been packing up the last bit of flotsam to move my 'place'......

I decided to travel with dear ones
for a change 
of pace...

This past weekend brought me to the far eastern plains of New Mexico and the cities of 

for an amazing conference of a very few esteemed historians and place keepers
who put together a wonderful selection of thoughtful essays on the daunting task 
of  preserving

as I sat
and absorbed
this conference,
 the land,
it's historic significance, 
blatant social, political, ecologic and funding concerns...

my head was spinning slowly...

As my fellows were impassioned with saving valuable historic sites.... 

I remained

 enchanted with 



  1. Within the sadness of decay and decline there is such beauty, colour and texture! May your move go well, too...

    1. Thank you Margaret. I don't think of sadness when I see this is more a feeling of Melancholy. And this has got me thinking about that now. Yes, thank you. Moving slowly on the moving....gentle as it goes.

  2. I can note feel melancholy or sadness, these pictures of decay are so beautifully inspiring that I can only see color, texture, design, in short the possibility do a new life.