Friday, December 24, 2010


On a certain night of the week I meet with a group to practice 'channeling' ...........we call the practice 'meditation' and we are given a theme.....then we set out to writing down words.......that are not ours..........but from a higher 'Source'...........what usually comes in our written words is in the form of guidance, and usually the information we receive is just what we needed to hear that night.

On this particular night, the theme was ~ Observing the frontier between Expectation and Manifestation

Our friend Molly, wrote this .............I thought it appropriate to share given this season of Expectation.
Sometimes our expectations can close us up to possibility...when we expect things to be a certain way & let's face's really never the way we want it to be...we have a reaction.  And it's usually a negative one.  But approaching a situation with no expectations and allowing yourself to be filled with magic...that is the place to be.  Expectations often move us into the future and right out of this precious present moment.  So instead of expecting anything to go a particular way just expect magic.  And whatever is happening in this present moment is pure must trust in that!  Whether today is the most up-lifting day or you have to lift yourself up off the that magic is there.  It is in both of those moments. 

(Book: Simple Truths by Kent Nerburn)

Expecting more of less in the future is not trusting in the present moment to take you exactly where you need to go.  Don't doubt, don't worry, don't's all such a waste of time.  Trust, dear ones.  TRUST.

Letting go of expectations is filling your heart with joy at this present moment.  Don't wait for what is around the corner...create magic now!  If there is no one around to share in the magical moment it anyway!  Do it bigger!  Do it with more gusto!  Create magic that will reach into all of the corners of the world.  Don't expect much dear one...only expect magical wonderful pure perfection.  Let your heart shine.  Then let it shine brighter! 

So Expect Magic Dear Ones!.............Expect Magic! 

...........and see what happens!

Merry Christmas to All...................


  1. Warm best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a glorious new year!

  2. i have total faith in the universe, am of the firm belief that waking up breathing is a fine start to the day
    and agree that magic is always there [just a matter of being open to it]
    trust your Christmas was a merry one
    and wishing you a pleasant transition into the Happy New Year