Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pilgrimage, heading toward Idaho and beyond...

As we left Joseph, Oregon and the banks of the Imnaha,
we only knew it seemed right to head to
 Lewiston, Idaho where the Nez Perce/US Treaty established a reservation
for the majority who signed it. This treaty was referred by some as the 'Steal' Treaty of 1863,
and eventually caused the clash between Chief Joseph's band and the US Government.

In Lewiston, the Nez Perce Visitor's Center delighted us with evidence of their ancient crafts and culture, and current customs of this modern tribe. 

We were happy to glean, while we were there, that the Nez Perce of that area seemed to be well, happy and proud of their heritage. We learned that their livelihood as fishermen and women was impacted by upstream dams and that they seem to have recovered and run a vibrant fishing industry. At least that's how it seemed. After some discussion with a Native Healer there, we learned that they were being guided by their elders to honor their forefathers, and with ceremony, help them all to release the sadness and bitterness of the past. Bid also learned there was to be a commemorative ceremony at the 
Bear Paw Battle site in northern Montana the very next weekend. 
She committed to attend.

After discovering (ahhhh, love that Google) that Chief Joseph, the Younger, was buried at the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington, near the Grand Coulee Dam,
we decided that's where we would head next. 

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