Thursday, October 29, 2015

Helena & Home...

That evening, Bid and I survived the narrow winding deteriorating road to the town of East Glacier as the park seemed to be closing behind us.

It was not lost on us how the stellar weather had opened an opportunity for us to see a part of this country that in most years shuts down the beginning of September.

The next day we regrouped….visited one more museum, the Museum of the Plains Indian, in Browning, Montana and headed down the hill to Helena, where I planned to visit another dear friend, Shimmer, whom I had met years before on that hike in Yellowstone.
She's the one who got me up the mountain and I'm still pinching myself that I was able to see her again.

So that was pretty much that.

After some celebration, Bid, Shimmer and I hugged, got a bit emotional and watched Bid drive away toward her next adventure after which I crawled back into my warm bed,
exhausted from the travel and a cold I'd suffered from the entire journey…..

The next day I crossed visiting the world renown Archie Bray Foundation

off my bucket list...

from their website:

'Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Bray is located three miles from downtown Helena, Montana on the site of the former Western Clay Manufacturing Company. Set against the wooded foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the 26-acre former brickyard is internationally recognized as a gathering place for emerging and established ceramic artists. The nearby mountains and brick factory ruins provide a backdrop for the creative environment; more important is the dynamic arts community created by the resident artists that come to the Bray to work, share experiences, and explore new ideas.'

And as everything else was closing due to the impending winter weather, this place was pretty much shut down as well..

as that weather finally seemed to be closing in on us and snow was in the forecast…


 we saw this….

a short video taken by Shimmer from the side of the road...

And the perfect ending to my 2,000 mile road trip.

leaves me wanting for more every time I see it


  1. OK. Well I'll work on making that video animate when I get home again. I'm already on another journey. This time to Macon, GA. Happy Halloween!

  2. i've loved riding along with you this journey!

  3. those hills and horses look a lot like home!