Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The weather held out for us at the end of September,  

and the constant threat of wildfires didn't dampen our resolve to get to 

Missoula "a river runs through it" Montana,

located on the captivating, ever present, Clark Fork River,

where we spent the night with a clear view of the Blood Moon eclipse …

and then headed north to the sweet town of Whitefish,

through smokey vistas,

past the massive, crystal clear, cold as ice, Flathead Lake...

and to Glacier National Park the next day….

We drove across the 'Going-To-The-Sun Road
completed in 1932, engineered and built by road artisans of the time….

(and imagine being from New Zealand driving this road…

mostly in the middle, thank the Dogs no one was coming from the other way!)

to the eastern side of the park…

past burned forest…..

another glacial lake….

and this disinterested guy as we left the park ...


  1. Living in Alberta...33 years in Calgary...and now farther north...I see where you were; I know where you've been...so near and yet so far...A blessing to read this post. Thank you. (P.S. and growing up in SW Quebec, not really that far from Malone, NY....our paths continue to cross...)

    1. Yes…..so near. That is Sacred Land…and so familiar for some reason. I'm glad you came along for the ride.