Friday, October 23, 2015

From Idaho to Washington State….

While we were in Lewiston, Idaho, Bid and I decided to chart a course to the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington.

I had never been in Washington (or Oregon for that matter) and was frankly more than surprised

that the landscape

consisted of wheat fields as far as the eye could see

for the entire trip from Idaho to our destination in Washington.

I guess I was expecting to see vineyards.


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    1. Oddly enough I was in Idaho three times this year. I drove across the south….to Oregon….I was in the center on one trip….Ketchum & Sun Valley….and we drove across the tip from Washington to Montana….that part was stunning. Otherwise it seemed very 'white bread'. I could be wrong, but some, along the way, referred to it as the 'no tolerance' state. My friend and I did get pulled over for a minor infraction :-) Are you going for a visit?