Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lend me a hand….

This will be a busy summer filled with travel. (Yea!)

With that in mind, I'm focused on 'ticking the boxes' on my 'to do' list.
One of the items on that list was getting some kind of track light fixture over my fireplace.
Little did I know the 'flexible' fixture I chose would be more of a challenge than I bargained for.

The first challenge was how to get the pattern on the ceiling to mark the support locations.

Of course it had to be


My first attempt was to make a pattern from paper and tape

and although that was fun to make in a Captain Kangaroo kind of way...

this time consuming idea was doomed from the start.

Then I tapped into my art supply stash….

and found 10 feet of supple modeling wire

which worked perfectly for transferring my pattern to the ceiling.

After I placed the track supports in the best locations,

my next challenge 

was to get the floppy wet noodle of a track near the ceiling to connect it….

and using items from the chaos near by….

(that's an 'eel spear'….don't ask)

I was able to finish my project

(and make Home Depot proud)


  1. i am so impressed! what a beautiful corner.

    1. Dear Velma....yes you are dear, it should not matter so much to me, but it's so nice to have a witness and affirmation as I engage in skills I never knew or imagined I possessed.

  2. wow, you are something....