Saturday, April 2, 2016


One delightful by-product of living in New Mexico are the many friends who come to visit…

And before the snow fell in Santa Fe yesterday,
(much to the dismay of my friends visiting from Michigan)
 I was able to meet them on Canyon Road for a walk and a talk and some tea.

As I peruse the photos I took that day,
 I notice I was drawn more to 
the atmosphere and charm 
of Canyon Road's historic homes 
turned into galleries and shops 
than the art the lane is so famous for...

kitchen of the Nüart Gallery 

stylish shop selling, pretty much,

painting on the wall at the entrance of the Dark Bird Studio

Jun Kaneko sculpture that caught my eye...

and the divine Teahouse with it's yummy food, mimosas and of course tea.


  1. Lovely. I really do need to venture out during my next stay in Asante Fe, don't I? That tea house is tempting...

    1. Yes you do Jennifer! The Teahouse is ripe for a surgical strike….located at the top of Canyon Road with a parking lot right next door, (or if you're lucky you can snag one of the few spots in their private lot) you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for it! Drop in for tea or lunch and a little jaunt down the hill….that's right…don't forget Canyon road is an uphill walk from the bottom, a hard learned fact if you are coming from sea level.

  2. that's funny
    i was on canyon road the day before the snow fall
    but further up
    towards the Audubon park

    1. I tried to visit the Audubon trails once…on a Sunday…gates were locked.
      So close….what are the chances?

    2. it's closed for repairs or something...but i'll be back next year (twice) so we can practice more at the ships in the night thing!


  3. beautiful images ..scatter your joy