Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Another for the pot….

Flowing with momentum that began with the Maggie Dress inspiration,

I decided to tackle Alabama Channin's A-Line Dress.

This pattern is found on a CD included with Natalie's latest book, 

Learning from my last endeavor with the Maggie Dress, I found it fairly easy to have my local printing shop upload the CD and print off the simple pattern.

I have to note that since the print shop had never done this before, it did take them a few tries to execute the large scale pattern.

They were as happy to persist as I was prepared to be patient.

I chose to use an inexpensive
 PFD (prepared for dye) cotton jersey from  Dharma Trading Company for the short dress version.

I've sewn more than a few pieces from the A/C collection and found I needed to alter all of them in one way or another.

Making a sample is the best way to figure this out, especially if you plan to embellish with layers and appliqué.

I made a slight change to this pattern….

Although it looks VERY nice in this photo, the v-neck was a little too severe for me…

so I chose to round it out a bit….

This fabric from Dharma is very white with a sort of blueish tinge and has less drape than the buttery Alabama Chanin Organic Cotton Jersey, but it is forgivable at $4.58 USD per yard.

I also think it is still a little too full in the skirt, which might disappear when made with the softer drape of the A/C cotton jersey. 

 This one has pockets, which I LOVE, and was VERY easy and quick to stitch together.

I plan to pop this into the dye pot along with the Maggie Tunic and a long skirt I made.

I'm thinking Indigo.

Still aways off.


  1. YES! to rounding the neckline....thank you for doing i could see it

  2. I want to do what you are doing! I just never seem to find the time to sew clothes anymore - but want to. Are you going to do any stitching before dyeing? xo

    1. I KNOW! I am SO sorry not to be blogging more, also in not revealing more of my life. It's what I love so much about other blogs, your's in particular. I'm so busy 'do-ing' that I'm not engaged in reporting it. I have been sewing a lot of jersey 'muslins' that I plan to dye. Also, collecting the myriad of supplies I'll need to perform the indigo dips…..trusting all the time that when I do, they will be fabulous. I'll be in touch on all of that when it happens… In the mean time heal well….ox