Thursday, May 9, 2013


Just as my dearest was explaining that the good thing about my move was that I had 

"time on my side".......

we were called to Pittsburgh

for a funeral.

So off we went....packing excellerated

And although the occasion was a sad one,

 it was also very

beautiful and filled with light.

With family and friends we celebrated and honored a 

well lived life.

And the days brought us sunshine and warmth to a frequently gray city. 

The opportunity to see one portion of the

Fiberart International at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

(which Jennifer writes about here in part 1 of 3 beautifully presented blogposts)

and to melt into the beauty of a sunny and moist


was very much appreciated

by this desert dweller...

Thank you



and your family for including me in such a poignant and loving celebration of your life

and my final thoughts for today...



(now off to pack for my next adventure)


  1. Sorry to hear about the loss, was not your friend I hope (another Roz?). A funeral here, too (or Baltimore rather), sad, but a good celebration of D's cousin's life. In your usual way, you found some light there & that's the best way to honor someone dear. We forget how deep the green of spring can be in other places...

  2. Gosh no! There are many beautiful Roz's in my life. I love your words...."the deep green of spring" continues for me. Sorry for your loss too.