Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Where the Antelope......


On Monday I made another drive back to my little casita in Mountainair, NM from Albuquerque.

Time after time, I make this journey and I am always left breathless by it's wonder....


  1. Oh my. I am going to Santa Fe in late April -- flying in to Albuquerque...thank you for the foretaste of the scenery. Stunning!

    (I live on the Canadian Prairie, just a bit East of the Rockies...with the exception of our 'Badlands' south by Drumheller, the NM landscape is totally new to me.)

    1. I hope you can see more than just the drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe...... One word of warning as you are most likely hoping to escape from the's still cool here. Santa Fe is at 7,000 feet. Be sure to bring a scarf and woolies just in case! I can pretty much guarantee the sun will shine brightly for you!

  2. I love that beautiful expanse of land and sky.... wide open with possibilities. Happy week's end to you! xo A.