Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sisterhood of Stone..........

So this is the New Year........and I have been away from my roost for almost a month....

 upon my arrival

I received a package that spoke of friendship and 'home'........

in it was


I am from Michigan in the United States......

and in this very special place 'up north' we call it.....and even more to the left......

a little harder to 'get to'....

we find these stones...

(if we are lucky).  

They are called 'Petoskey Stones'

named for the region in which they are found.

I have found precious few with the help of others, and gifted precious few as well,

 but most special are ones that have been given to me.......

and this one, from my friend Michelle who is also from Michigan,

 holds the Universe in it...........

and seems almost stitched together, doesn't it......? 

I am grateful. 

For our knowing this depth of meaning, and for our friendship.


  1. That is a lovely stone. Is it a fossil?

    1. Yes, Roberta! It is fossilized can read all about it by clicking on the highlighted word Petoskey Stones. They are magical.....and although some are found throughout the world, they are quite localized where we find them.

  2. Replies
    1. hey, wandered back and found this, that, in the midst of flu, has lifted my spirits! thank you!

  3. There's a big smile on my face as I open your page this morning. Ah.... a little piece of home.... and a beautiful one too!
    Wishing you a wonderful and creative 2013 . I'm planning a trip to NM for the Fiber Fest in the fall- maybe we'll meet up.
    Big hugs

  4. OH yes Janet! We must meet up! So nice to hear from you....sorry I missed you this summer at Shakerag....your spirit remained. ox

  5. What a lovely stone, I had never seen one. You are right, it seems stitched.

    1. I'm so glad you can see the is the first time I've noticed them myself.