Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The other side of 'me'..........

I have been thinking for some time that this blog is a little lop sided.  I mainly show pretty pictures of where I've been.....and talk a little about what I'm doing.......but I leave out a HUGE portion of my life which is my Spiritual side.  My seeker side.  And I guess the reason I'm saying this is because there are large gaps in my blog when I'm doing just that......seeking....thinking.....to myself mainly.  And it's about heady and personal stuff.  I say personal because each of our journeys are personal.  Different. and Similar at the same time.  And heady, because it's in my head and hard for me to understand, let alone explain it to others.

But that is what I spend a lot of my time thinking about.  Why we bi-peds are here on this earth.  Me mainly.  Why am I here?  What is my special purpose?  Am I or am I not doing a good job at being ME? And does it matter?  What I do?  And there are folks that I turn to that say it 'does' matter.  But not in the way that I think.  That perhaps I'm here to make a groundbreaking discovery, to work harder,
or to solve world peace.

I'm discovering the obvious now, that I'm here to just be 'me'.  

So that is what I think about.  My confusion in all of that.  

And I've turned to a group on line that also ponders the same kinds of things.......those who study with

Dr. Jean Houston.

And with that, I've been invited to ponder Myth lately, or in other words Universal Story........
and I am reading 
 The Greek Myths, by Robert Graves and lisening to the lectures Joseph Campbell recorded before his death........Joseph Campbell:Mythos....narated by Susan Sarandon.....

to learn more about what he calls, 'the one great story of mankind'

to try to gain some more sense of it all.........and with each day......it is becoming more clear.....

how much easier it is

to just BE.

Pressure off.

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