Thursday, July 19, 2012

Following the thread full circle............the rest of the story

Those that know me know bits of this story.......of connection and of saying 'yes' my friend Roz tells it HERE..........

Years ago, I found myself living in Toronto, Canada......relocated from Michigan in the US.....In a dramatic way....pretty much not my choice......and now that I pretty much marked the end of a long marriage.....but I digress.  I found myself there as spouse to an Expat working in Canada.

After a long illness, caused by the stress of the move.......I began to venture out.....and as I do find solace in all things 'fiber' related.....I headed to Toronto's amazing 'Textile Museum' where I was blessed to find an exhibit of Dorothy Caldwell's work........And I remember it as if it were today......seeing the book she made while working on the exhibit......displayed in spotlight....unprotected by glass......

this precious tome......

for all visitors to peruse......without white is traditional when "allowed to touch" a museum setting. 

Seeing this book shifted my life at that moment.  I can't explain why. But being with it somehow gave me hope that I could be lifted from the heaviness I had been feeling.   And after went on......and I began to regain my health......and struggle to find my bearings in my artistic expression.  

As the year went on, I met a woman who was to become a dear friend....Wendy......a rare fellow American.....amidst a sea of immigrants and nationals.......and we developed a special bond of mutual admiration and trust.  And while I lived in Canada, I managed to serendipitously find a beautiful space to work.....nice because I continued to struggle with finding my voice and my place there.....and it went on like that for almost 5 years, of what was to be a short stint in Toronto for my then husband and I.  I have to mention that while I lived in Toronto, I joined the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, (CBBAG, lovingly called 'cabbage'), where I learned the technical aspects of bookbinding..... and enjoyed great inspiration hanging out at the Japanese Paper Place Warehouse, a place of worship for me......all the while thanking God and the Universe with every step I took there for the privilege to live in that wonderful city.

A few years later, recalling how touched I was by Dorothy's 'book' upon my arrival in Toronto.....I was able to enroll in her class at Haystack.  Imagine....having to go all the way to Maine to study with a gal who practically lived up the street.....I exaggerate.  But the time with Dorothy and at Haystack was magical......and as it was my second visit there.....inspired years and years before to visit there by another friend .......OH how this story can go back in time......and 'yes', it was there, that time at Haystack that the magic began.......connections were made and the spark ignited....

So long story short, Dorothy and I reconnected in Toronto......and that was fun and validating......and then I left there and moved back to the States.  Again.  Not exactly my choice.

And shortly after, my husband left to find his own way...and that was that.  An abrupt end to a long journey together.   I must add here, that he and I enjoyed a beautiful life of travel while we are together, I believe, adding to the tapestry of my life......and giving me the courage to do it alone.

Now in that year of recovery from the blow I was not expecting....I came out of my fog long enough to notice that an interesting friend of mine was doing some very adventurous things on her hiking in Yellowstone Park.  Her name is Yoriko, and she is also an artist. Long story short, on a whim......I asked if I could accompany her.  ON a HIKE.  Not even occurring to me that I may not have the stamina to do such a thing......and with all kinds of plan 'B's in place.....she and I headed from our nests in the vast beauty of  Yellowstone National Park.  And there I learned that on the first day......we were to hike a MOUNTAIN.  To which again......I said, "Yes".  And I did, hike that mountain....

and got to the top,

never mind I was last in line.....

with the help of another beautiful woman named  'Shimmer' who seems like an apparition now......and this seems to be becoming a story of support and inspiration.

So it was there, on the last day of our hike, that I met Roz, who I learned was from Australia.  And I instantly knew her.  As I had been in her place......stranger in a strange land and all that.......and amazingly we had so much in common.....a working interest in fibers and metal.......and in beauty......and soul.  And after that, we chatted on line.....and I told her of the 'magic' she could find in our wonderful country......and to my honest surprise......she said YES to every clue I sent her way.  Even going to New York City on her own!  Now some of you might not find that exceptional, but I do.  I'm not sure I would have done it.  And she embarked on a journey of expansion that we both find quite amazing.....

But the story doesn't end there for me.  Because as the year moved on and Roz journeyed back to Australia, I then joined India Flint at Shakerag in Tennessee........and whilst the threads were crossing on the other side of the world, with Roz and Dorothy and India......she knew, but I didn't, that we were destined to meet again in OZ.  So, as I was floating in the surrender of selling my house, and letting go of the past, amidst boxes of memories stacked ceiling high in my new apartment, India invited me on an adventure that is chronicled at the beginning of this blog, titled 'Over the Rainbow', A New Beginning, because that is where I went that spring year.  Once again, I said 'YES'.

And as all of our paths crossed......Mine, Wendy, Dorothy, Roz and India's, and all the other amazing souls and powerful women I've met and who have touched me along this journey.....somehow magic is happening......and I am forever grateful to all of them, the Universe, opening to Intuition and Source, and to saying 'YES'.   I so love, respect and admire you ALL!  

With deepest appreciation for your friendship,



  1. ooohhhh. i know some bits of this story, marianna...but not you. not yet! but oh, my, oh, my.

  2. Yes Velma! Perhaps you know the part where Wendy and I met at Curves?! Looking forward to meeting you someday!

  3. and all i said was...have you thought about hopping the puddle?
    i vaguely recall some other sign that you had
    someone suggesting you travel to India?
    could be [and was] interpreted in a number of ways
    and so
    the daisy chain continues...
    we leave thread trails around the whirled
    friendly Arachnids whose delicately woven/stitched/felted/spun webs are strengthened by these magical intersections

  4.'s true.....that's pretty much all you said....and the 'healer', OK psycic friend, said that VERY day....I was to travel to India and to start making plans......heh heh.....I guess it was I, who connected those bits in that way.......and so glad I did! The journey is all about following clues to me......

  5. it really is strange beyond belief!
    but what a grand story...

  6. This is an incredible story,I was very moved.
    As we start again, the magic of thread and textiles link us like a cobweb. My story is very similar, I met less famous women but equally inpiring, talented and generous.

  7. Hi Marianna, it is a grand world and even better when we follow our hearts desire. Like Velma, I knew bits of the story, thank you for sharing the rest of the story.

  8. Blandina............I think that as some of the players here are well known, just makes this story reach further.....and it's, as you know, a story of encourage everyone who can hear follow their heart and listen to that little voice inside who is there to guide us on our best path! So glad you are on it with us!

    And Christine! so good you know the rest of the story....I think we just missed meeting each other at Shakerag that year!