Monday, September 12, 2016


                                                                            The weather has been seriously wet on The Isle of Skye.


Not too chilly the low 60's for the high and low 50's for the low.
It has not dampened our spirits though, and with rain pants on board we have been trapesing about this magical island.
We have also been eating our way through Scotland....the smoked salmon has been the best...buttery and delicious.
Tomorrow we head for Glasgow....the land of Charles MacIntosh


  1. Sorry to hear about the rain! One of the things I love best about traveling in Scotland, Ireland and England is that when it rains, no one seems to go inside to wait it out. The umbrellas and rain hoods go up and people continue. Quite unlike over here in the states. Enjoy!

    1. I agree, however this was driving sideways, blow your umbrella inside out, wet pant weather.....often dodging sheep poo......laughing along the way, of course.....and yes, there is NO waiting it out if you want to go or see something. We do have our rain pants with us, I felt sorry for those that didn't ...gosh, they were soaked!