Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kakishibu update...

And the experiment continues,
Both with my iPad posting and the dye process.

These photos were taken with my old Cannon point and shoot (instead of my phone),
then downloaded directly from the camera card to my iPad.

I really missed using that camera.


Kakishibu on cotton muslin after a day of recoating with the dye and folding (and refolding) for effect.

I used mostly a spray bottle for the subsequent coats.

The Kakishibu is a rich tannin coating, not exactly a dye.

What you see here, is not the same on the other side of the fabric.
 It does not penetrate with subsequent coats.


Same on linen with same technique. 

I like the linen better & wished I had not wasted the expensive brew on the cotton. 

As my Montenegren housekeeper used to say,

"Education costs money, whether you go to school or not."


I also found out I probably need to buy a new computer. 

I think this iPad might be fine for now.

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