Tuesday, February 10, 2015


As I proceeded with what I thought was
caution and surgical removal
of the very large tree roots in the hole I'd dug,

filled with pride and determination
……I couldn't wait to plant the little tree

and worked into darkness…..

to do just that.

The next morning I received a knock at my door.


said the polite 'Cable Guy'……

"I was wondering"….

"have you been doing any digging lately?"


'Cable Guy' 
looking for the cable I cut
while digging out tree roots.
(I can only imagine what my neighbors were thinking as they looked forward to watching the Grammy's or Downton Abby….)

now with that fixed…

it's on to the next task...


  1. i once put a spade through our telephone cable....spliced it back together and used a LOT of duct tape. that was about 9 years ago...and it's still working [phew]

    1. Excellent!!! Perhaps that is still the fix here!

  2. that truck--i once had one in my front, one in my back yard after a tree came down on very old "infrastructure" and a herd of guys in hard hats working till midnight. nothing was replaced, all spliced together somehow. so, in the north woods, in the desert and in oz similar wiring...are all those mendings what's holding us together?

    1. Yes, I was amazed this guy approached his task with a 'no problem' attitude. He said it's what keeps him in a job. He said he just didn't think he'd get that dirty before lunch. This underground web they've woven around the world must just be like dropping a stitch when something goes wrong. There's always a way to fix it. Thank God for duct tape.