Wednesday, January 28, 2015


From the moment my head hit the pillow last night I was determined to take a walk today.
With all the buzz about snow in the northeast, I know I was to be blessed with another beautiful day today here in Albuquerque. It isn't always like this, but today it hit 64 degrees F.  
So, with my tasks completed to my satisfaction, I set out on what turned out to be a VERY long and lazy walk to the river. 

'The Rio Grande'

On the way,  I was happy to locate a labyrinth I'd been introduced to during the solstice.

Built by women artists after a huge fire engulfed the bosque many years ago, it's still cared for and used by many. 

I was alone. Set my intention, and spent some quiet time there with the hum of Coors Boulevard whispering from the other side of the ridge.

I had stopped by the nature center headquarters before heading down here on my walk and thought how fortunate we are that there are a passionate and dedicated group of people who protect and preserve this land and it's creatures.

perhaps sometimes,

from it's self.

The beginning of this year has been very busy for me as usual. And in addition to grappling for new health insurance (don't get me started), and applying for Social Security Benefits (yikes!) I engaged in an Ayurvedic cleanse called a Panchakarma which left me listless and 10 pounds lighter.

Now I'm sort of back to myself and forging ahead (amidst a major financial adjustment) to fulfill my commitment to COMPLETE my renovation project.

In the mean time, during the days that didn't allow me to focus on that, 

I completed 


So yes. Today I'm very...



  1. to be satisfied ..such a wonderful place. 10 pounds lighter ..that is a load off. cannot quite imagine. congratulations on the many many stitches !!

    1. Thx and Yes, I can't imagine you would. I'm already back up 5 pounds.

  2. new year with newness...i like your walk.

  3. Beautiful walk, loved the labyrinth. And the skirts!! Always wonderful to hear from you!