Thursday, September 4, 2014

dissing Pinterest….

OK. Get grounded.

This is going to be a rant.

I've been busy.  Really busy. And wanting and meaning and actually attempting to blog and comment on other's blogs.

only to be stymied by some technical glitches...

slow computer due to too many photos….and general lagging behind in technology syndrome due to being, well...

And I've been OK with that.
and dismissed my failed efforts with the all too familiar….
"well I guess it's not meant to BE" 

And I've been planning a post
filled with accolades


this image


(my work, actually)

originally posted


has been viewed

on this blog

(It's hard to tell how many times it's been pinned.)


that it HAS been pinned
has been a source of


This is because, when I check my stats, I'm connected to the most




Pinterest sites….

And that was what I was going to blog about….

the AMAZING people (mostly women)
 who seem to have so much in common with


specifically their

and now for some reason



locked me out of viewing them

unless I join the ranks


open an account.

Although I can't blame them.




Particularly since my image still can be Pinned without my permission.

Which never bothered me before because I could look at where my image was being freely pinned…..

and now

I can't.



not really interested in social media because I'm enjoying my secluded

somewhat anonymous



  1. media is ponderous (to me) and the one, facebook, has become too much and full of weirdnesses and glitches and inclusions and exclusions. i often think of giving it all a shove...but i do love the making connections parts.

    1. Agreed totally to the 'making connections' part….however I've been able to do this on our blogs. And grateful for the no cost aspect. Nothing is free tho is it? Yours is one blog I've attempted to comment on and for whatever reason at that moment was unable to. I believe you may have a piece of paper pictured in the photo….received as a collaborative gift. I'm glad you are here. Ever grateful for connections!

  2. You can do something to block people from pinning from your blog. My son did it for me, I have no idea what, perhaps a research online will help you.

    1. So nice to see you here Blandina! Thanks. I think the idea that I can no longer be a voyeur on Pinterest is bothering me more than the pins of my images. (And I just looked up the definition of 'voyeur' which is creepy.) If this continues to nag at me I may have to joint the ranks and open an account.

  3. So funny. I laughed when I read your rant.
    My reverse applique tutorial has been pinned 25,000 times!!!...and I love that. I too love to go to pinterest and see what others like about my work - it's very affirming, so I get what you are saying.
    I think that if we are on the internet, than it is going to happen that our work is going to get out there. Isn't that what we really want anyway? I'll start worrying about copyright when my work ends up on some t-shirt or mug that sells for $1.00. ....right now, I am happy to share.

    Re: joining pinterest, I did open an account and have a board, but there are only two things pinned to it. I like visiting other people's boards.

    However, sometimes you have to log in and sometimes you don't. I suggest that next week - you won't have to log in. Just give it time.

    Nice to connect with you. Be well.

    1. Yes, I LOVE the pins….and 25,000 times??? wowy zowy! This is a good time to say that over the weekend I succumbed to joining Pinterest myself. It was not as bad as expected as I learned we have more control than we think over how invasive they are. I now have one pin. Thank you for your empathy! It's nice to know I'm not the only one lagging behind this amazing revolution. ox

  4. I find such inspiration in Pinterest, as well as other social media arenas. I love being able to curate my boards, and refer to them often. It's also thrilling to see my work pinned all around the world. Business has come my way on many occasions because of it.
    That said, there is a photo of my grandson kissing a kitten that I took five years ago that has gone viral. Someone grabbed off my blog (I assume), and it still shows up - converted to black and white, with cute sayings over it... The exposure and focus wasn't great in the original image, and it sure hasn't gotten any better, but, something about it appeals to people.

    1. I love Pinterest too….it's just that curve ball they threw me. And the reason I was miffed was because I LOVE the sites of the folks who pin this image and wasn't able to access them. I guess the bottom line is up until now I was a Peeping Tom and I just got caught. I reluctantly opened an account, and I see it's not invasive as I thought. I am being totally inspired by my friends who love, use and trust it. But that photo of yours going viral! Yikes. What an honor!

  5. Pinterest has been a very positive experience for me. When I look at what I am pinning I learn more and more about my aesthetics which translates into my own work.

    1. I see your point totally and look forward to making some pins of my own… for now, I'm off to look at your board!

  6. Hi! I finally joined Pinterest too, after discovering several of my paintings pinned without credit to the artist (me!). How did I discover them? Looking at others' pinterest pages, unofficially of course. I do have a page now, but have pinned very little, though now I've gotten the app I may do more. Maybe I'll see you there! That's a lot of pins for your image!