Tuesday, June 17, 2014


verb recuperateget betterconvalesceregain one's strengthget strongerget back on one's feetbe on the mendbe on the road to recoverypick uprallyrespond to treatmentimproveheal,pull throughbounce back. ANTONYMS deteriorate. rallyimprovepick upmake a recoveryrebound,bounce back.3  the stolen material has been recoveredretrieveregain (possession of)get back,recoupreclaimrepossessredeemrecuperatefind (again)track down.ANTONYMS lose. salvagesaverescueretrieve.PHRASESrecover oneself pull oneself togetherregain one's composureregain one's self-control;informal get a grip (on oneself).

So from that problematic week, I have…..recovered in all ways above.
My new swamp cooler has been installed and it is working beautifully (improve). I called the telephone number on the bookcase assembly instructions and spoke to an amazingly helpful man who fed-exed the missing parts to me 'no problem' (rally).
I became my own handy-woman and clad my cabinets and cut down my cherrywood bed legs 3/4" to accommodate the height of the ceiling fan and should have made a Youtube video of that!…(salvage)
I hired an eccentric landscape architect to feed me some ideas for my back fence problem. OK, that one is still an issue…(bounce back)
and I became a sleuth and recovered my iPad (retrieve). None of it was simple, or quick, nor the stories complete. 
*Note to all you iPad users…….make sure you install 'find my iPad' and use a code to lock it.  I was advised by some great Apple techs on how not to proceed…..that is 'do not wipe the iPad' and do not take it off your account.  It is virtually useless to anyone if it is locked, and/or they cannot wipe it free from the cloud (whatever that means.)  This advice was from the Pawn Broker at Valley Pawn which was the first stop for my thief.  I finally found my iPad at the corner gas station, where a second Mr. Uptonogood, had it under the counter.  He presented it after I said, "I lost it and it's here."   Another piece of advice the Apple tech gave me…to say that, instead of  "It's stolen, give it back".And that Mr. Uptonogood was able to wipe it clean of my pictures, my emails, and my address book.  Happily most of it 'recoverable'. 
At least he was nice enough to change the language back from Arabic to English for me.
Don't even ask what the police did to help me recover it. I had to recover from that too.
So, Yes. I have recovered (pulled myself together).
Now I'm off to the coolness of the north to visit my grand pup-lets. The set of three. 
to (recuperate).
Thank you for your kind words and support.


  1. ha,and here is me thinking this is a story about upholstery ... go you champ !

  2. Hi, this is my first visit here... what a week of mishaps and recoveries and how you weathered all with such aplomb and now you are off to recuperate. I have scrolled down and you certainly do have a very interesting blog... I will be back.

    1. Welcome Donna! I am so happy to see you here!

  3. You had a busy summer, didn't you? Glad you found the ipad, my gosh. I have to read your blog to know what you're up to, I need to do that more often! I have a hard time sitting and reading lately, but enjoy it when I can!