Thursday, May 29, 2014


A continuum is something that keeps on going, changing slowly over time

10 years have passed…and how I spent them 

Moved to and lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Maintained an artist's studio near Queen Street West
Studied Bookbinding CBBAG (Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild)
Took advantage of the many offerings at the "Temple of Paper" (The Japanese Paper Place)
Met and forged a special friendship with Wendy Golden-Levitt
Studied with Dorothy Caldwell at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Moved back to Michigan after nearly 5 years as expat in Toronto
Reluctantly embraced major renovation of 80 year old house
Experienced an unusual and unexpected change in long term relationship
Fell to my knees in a puddle

Remained in recovery from events of 2008
Readied dear old house for sale
Took respite in metals studio at my local Art Center
Introduced to energy medicine by Elaine Grohman in Michigan.
Started Studies in Sacred Geometry and Healing from the 4th Dimension
Said YES to a 'way over my ability' hiking trip in Yellowstone National Park.
Met many amazing uplifting spirits there (now dear friends) including Roz Hawker.
Traveled to Colorado for 2 weeks of bookbinding workshops with Daniel Essig at Anderson Ranch
Continued on to Taos, New Mexico for respite
Continued work in enamel and metal back in Michigan

Gained courage and strength.
Continued studies in energy healing.
Put big house on the market for sale
Sold house in difficult market with unimaginable difficulty
Rewarded myself with two delicious summer workshops (India Flint/Shakerag, Helen Carnac/Penland)
Emptied old house of 30+ years of 'stuff'
Moved to rental townhouse
Said YES to India Flint's suggestion and...
Traveled to Australia for a workshop at Roz's then went on to explore Bali and New Zealand
Returned to Michigan for a difficult winter and contemplation

Started the year unsettled with where I lived
Continued work in the metals studio
Realized my deep unhappiness
Decided not to renew my townhouse lease
Purged more stuff and packed the rest into two storage units
Said painful Goodbye to Michigan
Drove Shirley (my car) to New Mexico and rented a little house in the middle of nowhere
Began studies with Healing Touch Program

Sunk into New Mexico life
Opened to Love
Drove cross country to experience Natalie Chanin workshop at Shakerag in Tennessee
made stuff
traveled some more
Continued Studies in Healing Touch & also with Jean Houston

Traveled to California, glorious Pointe Reyes & Yosemite in the Spring
Moved to new studio in Albuquerque
Finalized divorce
Bought a little townhouse in the north valley of Albuquerque
Traveled to Whidbey Island for Retreat with Joanna Colbert Powell
Studied with Claire Zammit and Catherine Woodward
Committed to advanced work in Healing Touch Program
Settled into renovation of new home

Focused on home renovation, two steps forward, three back
Continued Healing Touch studies
Became and remain very quiet with all that
Enjoyed the Wisteria tumbling over my fence, then
Lamented removing tangled Wisteria branches as my neighbor dismantled the rickety arbor between us
Two steps forward, three back…..and three steps forward, two back.…mostly the latter
It's been like that

Continuum…..changing slowly over time

Which reminds me of an old saying my BFF and I use….."plan the plan and work the plan." And I added "and do not judge the plan while doing the work". 

I had many little setbacks this week.  I discovered a  pigeon was nesting in my swamp cooler, so I had to purchase a new one. This weekend, while finally assembling the last of three bookcases I ordered last December, I noticed some key parts were missing, and learned the cases are no longer available. Today as I was painting my kitchen cabinets I noticed I should have had my handyman install some finished side panels on them when he was here last week.  That's good because the new ceiling fan I installed hits the top of my canopy bed and the bed needs to be cut down. And of course I need to consider a new fence because my neighbor took down his arbor and the wisteria is now being supported by the fence which is also now crushed from the weight of it. And last but not least (and not even all of it), my iPad was stolen from my car last night. 

What is odd here is that I do not have the capacity to be upset by any of this.  Perhaps because it's still all part of working the plan and all of these issues can be resolved.  Or that the setbacks are so minor compared to many. 



  1. well. There may be a few glitches but I thoroughly enjoyed the telling of this story. Consider that a hug...

    1. This means much to me. Addendum to 2008….while drowning in my puddle, sleepless at 3 AM, I googled 'Fiber Blogs' and found You. For three months at 3 in the morning I read YOUR story. It fed me daily. And it introduced me to India. Not the country. You are a strong link in my chain. Blessed we are. Bigger hug back.

  2. thank you for this ... you are brave . i enjoy reading your story . i like your path .
    jude and india have been a part of my path too.

    1. So happy to hear your footsteps on this path with us Kathy...

  3. Replies
    1. I KNOW. Isn't it Grand!? Life would be a bore (and so would we) if not for the bumps and detours…

  4. i came back over and see i didn't leave you a note here, this was a brave post. and beautiful, all honest words.

    1. You are amazing Velma. I know we'll meet in person some day. ox

  5. Hello Marianne..
    I am so glad that you marked a few days ago 1 of my photos with a "like", on Instagram (= east of the sun ...)
    Only 10 days ago I signed in to Instagram, that means I am a newbie. When I saw your "like" I went straight to your account to see who gave me the "I like it"....
    I read you little vita, and as soon as I read "lover of light" - Healer, I was fascinated..
    Therefore I went straight to your blog and saw the last headline "energy flows"..
    In that blogpost you put a link to the website: unwrap your mind!
    I could not believe, that I had to look at an Instagram account in the States to find that fantastic website here in Germany - only 350 km away from me :-) amazing!

    Immediately I read the full version of "the 7 Huna Principles of Life" ..and "the 8 steps to communicate with your own higher ... ".
    Since I found that website, I must think, non stop, about the 2 articles...

    Thank you Marianne, that I found all that through you :-)
    Regards from Germany.... Rita

    (Please accuse all my writing mistakes in english)

    1. OH Rita, you have found the magic of the inter pixies. Just the other day I found a pin on Pinterest that caught my eye. It was a photograph of a rustic journal wrapped in leather. I went to the artist's webpage and found that she is giving a workshop in the town where I live in April. The photograph was pinned from an artist I follow who lives in South Africa. What are the chances? You know now. Blessings to you. Your wonderful English is easy to understand. I have only memories of my grade 3 German lessons. Your photographs are beautiful.