Monday, September 30, 2013

Georgia on my mind.....

just home one day from the state of Washington

and I could not refuse an invitation to visit

O'Keeffe Country

It was the second time I've been privileged to visit Georgia O'Keeffe's home and studio in 
Abiquiu, NM....

this time followed by a tour of Ghost Ranch to experience her vistas....

They are very protective of this land and her home.....

NO PHOTOS allowed of her home....NO SKETCHING even....

and for that I was it takes the pressure off

and allows the visitor to just


I love Georgia's aesthetic.....simple and clean.....only the necessary items displayed....along with rocks

and as I left it was not lost on me that with all of this simplicity....

she did have TWO homes

and not very small at that.

I was able to sneak this shot from the road outside her compound....

we stayed in a little adobe house across the street......

I love this place

and the views from it




  1. bliss day i will be back to that land x

  2. I sure do love seeing your photos of New Mexico. I have not been there in ages. So odd that I grew up there, but since my folks moved on/passed, I have no people there, so never return.

    I do remember O'Keeffe's house in Abiquiu. How beautiful!

    1. You have people here Leslie. Anytime you want to visit!

  3. I would hope to see Georgia O'Keefe's home and studio one day. I love the simplicity that you describe.
    thanks for reminding me about Georgia and her true vision.

  4. Thanks for taking me there...and thank you for the link to Chasing!!!!