Thursday, July 18, 2013

forcing mySelf....

to write!


I had wanted to report on my HUGE progress with my studio...
and although that is mostly true,

it has still come to a standstill.

Truth is, I lost my momentum in the heat...

and in the words of Dolly Parton's father....

I was trying to fit

"10 pounds of potatoes into a 5 pound sack"
(you have no idea how much I love those words)

So, although I wanted to show you a beautiful picture of my perfectly organized studio....

I can't 


However, what I've done to remedy this is to sign yet another lease.....
for additional space to store my overflow.  

More and steady sorting is set to be done...starting August 1st.

In the mean time I still don't have a clear table to work on.

And I've also been looking for a little place of my own, 
(so I don't have to rent so much storage space!)

all the while tying up the long loose ends of a lengthy ordeal...

AND I'm happy to say I'm

enjoying my 


walking, swimming, bike riding, reading, contemplating, planning lots of travel



getting closer to finishing the last panel of a long project...

I'm counting on LOTS of ends being tied up by the end of summer!


  1. Sounds perfect. Sometimes outdoor studios are the most fun. :-)

    1. I LOVE your idea of an outdoor studio. My FAVORITE kind. That's what summer is for, isn't it?

  2. I love that phrase too, moving from a big house to a smaller flat I had to do a lot of discarding (as in the rules of your previous post). The amount of my supplies surprised me, everything was oh so necessary!
    Take your time, enjoy the Summer, life is too short to do boring sorting!

    1. Yes, I did the move from the big house to the smaller one......and then into storage for this adventure. Smaller and smaller I go. Mostly living out of a suitcase....OK, bigger than that. And when it comes back out of storage, memories and old energies return, along with finding long lost friends. You are right about boring sorting. That is best left for rainy days! Enjoy your summer too Blandina!

  3. Dolly's dad's expression about trying to fit 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5 pound sack really hit home for me. Suddenly I have clarity.... lol

    1. yes, it is what it is, isn't it? sometime's our space is too small for what we want to stick into it. as for Dolly, I'm glad she still tries ;-) I myself enjoy the curves...