Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A change of plans/moving forward...

This week I thought I'd be on retreat in the mountains of  northern Colorado...

(I'd imagined this to be a summer filled with spending time in Nature)

However the Universe had other ideas and enrollment was down for such an adventure...

and as a result, that plan was scratched 'til next year.

So with my calendar clear,

 I decided to brave the inevitable....

And return to Michigan

to walk down this hall...

And address this...

The smaller of my two storage units 

Jammed to the ceiling with

the contents of my studio


(almost two years ago)

 I could not seem to part with

(Goodness, is Dorothy in there?)

I keep asking myself 

"How could this happen?"

But no matter... It did

and now I'm off on yet another adventure to figure out what to do with it

Status report....

It has been re-jammed into what we call a 'pod' of relatively the same size 
And will be shipped cross country in the next several days to be sorted in the blistering heat
of a New Mexico 

It's always something


  1. down sizing seems to be the name of the game for me too. this has been my goal for the last year . i am not moving anywhere , i just want to have less .

    1. I think clearing clutter right now is the collective project.....I'm hearing this from so many now. For two years I've been practically been living out of a suitcase...well perhaps more like a bag lady. So far it's been very difficult to let go of these memories. We'll see how I fare in the coming weeks... I hear having less makes room for more... My goal is freedom.

  2. May its move be smooth; may you sort with pleasure; may you find happy recipients for that which you decide to give away. :-)

    1. Thank you Margaret, you have no idea how much this means to me.... I think this is as much about finding new homes for this stuff as anything......a smooth move and sorting with pleasure are beautiful intentions!

  3. go you ... breath and listen ..... everything has itz time do you think ?
    x from me and X from the tall hairless one

    1. Yes, everything has it's time. Breathe and listen......I will make sure to do that. Pod arrives Monday AM. Thank you both. ox

  4. I relate. After moving country, we are indeed better off to just keep what we use. Life's a lot more simpler. x

    1. I followed your move and I don't know HOW you did it. So brave and with so much Grace. I plead paralyzed when I had to make my early choices, and as a result am storing more than I most likely will use. And then there's the dilemma of art supplies.....they are SO expensive to re purchase. Life is very simple living out of a suitcase, however not as rich.

  5. You said that you've decided to re-pack all into a pod and ship to you in NM. If you haven't missed something, be honest, give it away to a local art center that could use supplies, or just pitch it. 2 weeks ago, we rented a 10 yard dumpster and unloaded years of stuff. It was good.
    Be brutal with yourself and suspend disbelief that this stuff belongs to you. Pretend it is someone else's and be detached. You will feel a weight lift like no other.

    1. Yes, the pod is packed and on it's way. Once a storage unit is packed to the brim, it is next to impossible to sort through due to time and space constraints. I agree with your advice, and applaud your initiative to rid your house of clutter. What is not said here, is that I did this once already before I left Michigan. The pod is a small portion of what I had. So yes and thank you, I'll be brutal. I'm looking forward to that weight lifting! Well, not the 'weight' lifting, because that is the hardest part of all of this. :0)