Monday, February 11, 2013

The process......

In my effort to move forward with sewing some frocks for myself.......

I am making some preparations.

I have some ideas brewing.......goodness knows I have enough clothing to last me forever really......

but it's nice to have pretty new things (and a stitching project in hand) to change it up a bit.....

and I have some 'favorites' I'm toying around with the idea of copying to make some patterns.  

Now this will require A LOT of thought, since I've not done it before and I will keep you posted on that.

So this is what I'm doing now.

I've downloaded some stencil patterns from Alabama/Chanin's resource page

and taken them to the printer to enlarge them 300%

This is an effort to save pennies since they are all available on their website....

I have chosen two patterns to start.....

the 'bit tricky' Anna's Garden,

and the potentially tedious

 Peace Sign

...all the while KNOWING it would be more satisfying and reflective of my esthetic if conjured up some designs of my OWN....

But even tho this is a lot of work, it seems more judicious to move forward this way for now.

The process involves spraying the backside of the large copy with light adhesive and adhering it to 'pennant felt'......which I've used here
(and can also be purchased on the Alabama/Chanin website here)
or other sturdy masking material.'s just simple (not exactly) cuts away with a scalpel from being 'done'....

and on to the the next part....

whenever I decide what that is


  1. Gosh. That's a lot of cutting...and I can think of all sorts of possibilities!

    1. Yes.....I'm wondering what you're don't tell me!

  2. I can hardly wait to see what comes next! Such a lot of cutting, but so pretty!

  3. Oh my! Does the "potentially tedious" offset the challenge of the "bit (!) tricky"?!

  4. Find you today! Ciao!
    I also made my first steps with Alabama Chanin this january. I am very curios in your continuation!