Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's that time again.....

Amongst all the other ka-zillion things we did Labor Day weekend........

we visited...

Hatch, New Mexico.....

famous for .....

and their Hatch Chile Festival....

hoping you can smell it too....

(no big crowds here either....)


  1. I am afraid of chili peppers... yes, afraid! I am wary of the heat and explosion of hotness.. I do like chili but on the mild side. My youngest son LOVES chili peppers... the hotter the each his own :-)

  2. I'm with YOU. Did you know that when you freeze peppers they get hotter? I just learned that. Also....they take getting used to. And after a year, I'm just now getting brave enough to try a teaspoon or so...these green fresh roasted ones that day were very mild......however one NEVER knows. Proceed with caution....and they smell Divine. In the fall here, the air is thick with that smell. That all said, New Mexico is all about the Chile or green?....that is the biggest question around here.

  3. thanks for the lesson in chilis. don't know much abou them, but i can imagine the fragrance is amazing! and they are so pretty!

  4. hatch chilli peppers are my favorite.
    they have a taste of their own .
    someday i am going to make it to that weekend . thank you for sharing this.

  5. They ARE pretty Velma.....It is hard to pass them up for that....I still leave cooking them to the locals.....and sure to combine that event with a trip to White Sands and a dip in the Hot Springs at the Riverbend in T or C! perhaps you know it....

  6. do not know too much about that area.
    i have spent a lot of time in new mexico but mostly north of albuquerque
    i would love to see white sands .
    sounds like a road trip.